Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Hi all,

If you have stumbled across this humble little blog, at least one of the following has came across your mind:

1) I love metal music, but I like to check them out properly before I actually buy them
2) I am tired of bad quality downloads I find across the net, I much prefer a bit rate of 320 kbps
3) I am fed up with rapidshare
4) Stupid password encrypted files
5) wtf? voiceovers in my downloads?
6) I hate dead torrent links and having to beg others to seed
7) I love xyz band, wonder if there are any other good listens around?

At least that's my guess... I really hope this blog can provide some sort of satisfaction and the answer to your problems.

However, do bear in mind 5 things:

1) Whatever I am uploading mostly reflects my own musical taste, so you may not find everything you like here. But if you like bands such as Nightwish and Children Of Bodom (just to name the most famous ones), you would most likely discover other bands on this site that you would like ;)
2) This file is uploaded SOLELY for my personal backup purposes as opposed to making it available to public.
3) I am NOT distributing (or even offering distribution) for purposes of redistribution.
4) Any attempts to redistribute this file would result in infringment of copyright laws, so be WARNED.
5) If you so happened to come across this file, please delete as soon as possible after trial and buy the actual CD to support artists that you like so the music industry may continue to thrive.

I shall start uploading my music gradually, hopefully one or two a day, so please come back and check regularly. :D

Apologies for such a bland and uninspiring layout, but I am not familiar with blogs or even design, so please bare with me.


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