Saturday, 16 May 2009

Genre: Progressive Metal
Bit Rate: 320

Considered by many as one of the musicians around, Arjen Lucassen brings us with another Ayreon album. Once again, it is a 2CD concept album featuring plenty of high calibur guest musicians. The 20 tracks represents 20 days of the life of the characters in the story where "Me" [James Labrie: Dream Theater] is in coma in the hospital after a serious car accident. His Best Friend [Arjen Lucassen] and his "Wife" [Marcela Bovio: Elfonia] are waiting near him, wondering a lot of things… Can he hear them? Will he survive? Does he love her [them]?…. During all this time, "Me" is confronted in his mind to his father [Mike Baker: Shadow Gallery] and all the feelings humans can have.

Some "bad" feelings: The "Agony" [Devon Graves: Dead Soul Tribe] who shows him the reality of his accident, the "Fear" [Mikael Akerfeldt: Opeth] who is always trying to make him doubt. Some feelings which are just synonymous with reality like the "Rage" [Devin Townsend] to survive or to be in that status… the "Pride" [Magnus Ekwall: The Quill] and the Reason [Eric Clayton: Saviour Machine] who can give him the desire to survive… or to die. 
"Me" is also confronted to some nice feelings like the "Love" [Heather Findlay: Mostly Autumn] and the "Passion" [Irene Jansen], who give him the desire to live, the desire to see again his wife and his friend, who show him that he is someone and that he deserves to be alive…


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